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Sheila’s Honey – an Ubuntu Women’s Farmer endeavor that was founded in 2017 is a 100% Rwandan product and an amazing, innovative gift to the Republic of Rwanda, neighboring countries, and the world. Embracing the essence of raw honey, each bottle comes with its own healing agent – pure raw honey, or honey infused with ginger, or garlic, or moringa, and the like. Contributing to the health of the Rwandan community is where our passion meets our purpose.

To that end, prior to the pandemic, Sheila’s Honey has worked with local women farmers and has established an empowerment movement. As such, in the commitment to empower the residents of Rwanda, Sheila’s Honey is devoted to working with Rwandan beekeepers to produce 100% pure raw honey. 

This year, Sheila’s honey established a traceability project offering visibility to our Rwandan consumers and visitors. This project serves to inform the population of the origin of honey, its varied flavors, colors, organoleptic characteristics, pollination process, and most importantly, how this translates to the healing and soothing properties of Sheila’s Honey.

The traceability project serves to further inform others on the pollination process and its necessity for the holistic health of our ecosystem and maintenance of life on our planet. Sheila’s Honey has been highlighted by local food markets in Kigali and Nyagatare Savana.

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Meet Our Team

Sheila Uwibona
Sheila Uwibona
Founder and CEO
Chester Lee Tapp
Co-Founder and COO
Bee Keeper
Eric Rubambura
Digital Marketing Stratigist
Chief Felix
Felix Gakwaya
Kitchen Chef
Sadhou Rusingizwa
Quality & Production Manager