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We are bee farmers, and honey producers. We produce pure honey along with 11 varieties of flavored honey.

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Sheila's Honey

An Ubuntu Women’s Farmer endeavor that was founded in 2017 is a 100% Rwandan product and an amazing, innovative gift to the Republic of Rwanda, neighboring countries, and the world. Embracing the essence of raw honey, each bottle comes with its own healing agent – pure raw honey, or honey infused with ginger, or garlic, or moringa, and the like. Contributing to the health of the Rwandan community is where our passion meets our purpose.

To that end, prior to the pandemic, Sheila’s Honey has worked with local women farmers and has established an empowerment movement. As such, in the commitment to empower the residents of Rwanda, Sheila’s Honey is devoted to working with Rwandan beekeepers to produce 100% pure raw honey. 



The Rwandan FDA approval process consists of a careful and thorough examination of our practice and procedures surrounding bee farming.

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Our Flavored Honey

Take a look at the different flavored honey we produce.

Moringa Honey

Moringa honey has the capability to protect liver, and it fights inflammation.

Chili Honey

Chili honey stimulate and aid the digestive system, and provide relief from respiratory.

Garlic Honey

Both garlic and honey are high in antioxidant compounds, these are healthy chemicals.

Tigernut Honey

Contains some vitamins, minerals and proteins, because of that it is a value nutritious.